Call for Submissions: Artwork

We’re almost finished with selecting  our literary submissions for the 2011 print edition. Although we’ve received an awesome collection of  plays, poems, short stories, and essays to edit and publish, it seems we’ve been lacking on artwork submissions. If you have any visual work, or know of anyone who does –send’em our way! Advertisements

Neon Teen

David Anthony Tassy, Undergraduate If you’re so young, prove it. Trip and don’t fall. Rape a star or two. Make a skeleton out of glue. And to think, I had a strong feeling about this one. If you glow like they say you glow. Then your generation wasn’t worth the blinding. If you shined like … Continue reading

NYC Rain

Artist: Jessica Lawson Year: 2010

Made in Manhattan

Artist: Alminar Sagar Year: 2009 Image size: 4″ x 5″

El Puente

Artist: Ramon Gutierrez Year: 2007 Original Size: 20 x 24″