The Essence of Women (That Are Straight, So They Say)

Stephanie Darrow, Alumna Originally Published, Spring 2009 A few days ago she told me about going to the beach alone, I have this park, its similar. I can lie down in the grass (not sand) I can touch the pond water with my finger tips (not sea) I can stretch for sky like she does … Continue reading

Self-Pleasuring Girl

Artist: Amanda Lang Maher Year: 2007 Image size: 8.25″ x 10.5″


Jamaica Hardwick, Undergraduate Originally Published, Spring 2010 (for T-Pain) Thank you for reminding us of early entertainment. Face painted burnt cork black. Shuck and jives floating along bottoms of empty glasses, soaking in transparency. Apparently, this is the era of symphonic crack: hits preferred to music, producers to composers. Lose composure, find it next to … Continue reading

Wendy, the Girl Who Ate Rocks, and Marvin Who Cried Even though It Wasn’t His Fault

Edgar Bonilla, Undergraduate Originally Published, Spring 2010 Wendy was the girl we told to eat rocks when I was eight. She wasn’t American, so it didn’t matter. But now she was dead in the living room. She drowned, they said, and I didn’t have to come to El Salvador, my parents said, but I did. … Continue reading