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    Welcome to the Promethan blog, home of the official literary journal of the City College of New York. Here you can find select material from past and upcoming publications. If you are interested in submitting to Promethean please see the Submissions section for more details.

    -Winston Scarlett & MacAdam Smith

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Call for Submissions: Artwork

We’re almost finished with selecting  our literary submissions for the 2011 print edition. Although we’ve received an awesome collection of  plays, poems, short stories, and essays to edit and publish, it seems we’ve been lacking on artwork submissions. If you have any visual work, or know of anyone who does –send’em our way!


Jacklyn Janeksela, Graduate Originally Published, Spring 2009 how could we watch a Woody Allen film when all we wanted was to be pressed against each other in no particular manner clothes or no clothes faces or bodies the dark screen, the terrible picture the empty bed behind us me, wearing a striped shirt that you … Continue reading

Call For Submissions: Blog

Thanks for sending in submissions for our 2011 print edition. We’ve got a lot of quality work to sort through in preparation for our Spring publication. In the mean time, we’ll still be accepting new submissions –including film, for web publishing. We’ll be updating this ol’ thing continuously throughout th year, so keep sending material … Continue reading

Neon Teen

David Anthony Tassy, Undergraduate If you’re so young, prove it. Trip and don’t fall. Rape a star or two. Make a skeleton out of glue. And to think, I had a strong feeling about this one. If you glow like they say you glow. Then your generation wasn’t worth the blinding. If you shined like … Continue reading

NYC Rain

Artist: Jessica Lawson Year: 2010

The Crayfish

Raymond Strom, Staff Originally Published, Spring 2011 Henry Roth Memorial Scholarship Winner On my twentieth birthday, my mother called me with news that she had bought a restaurant on the shore of Lake Superior. Against the advice of everyone I knew, I made plans to go to the grand opening in October. The way my … Continue reading

Red Bird

Gabriela Canales, Undergraduate Originally Published, Spring 2009 I Want My lines To  fringe From the spine Of a redbird’s feather so That I can trace my fingers Up, down the barbs of language. Lines as tight as combat boot laces, Dali’s mustache spiraling thick Across a  hungry page, white as bone. Words that crackle like … Continue reading

Made in Manhattan

Artist: Alminar Sagar Year: 2009 Image size: 4″ x 5″

El Puente

Artist: Ramon Gutierrez Year: 2007 Original Size: 20 x 24″